Leave Your Honest Feedback Below in Comments Section

Please leave your honest feedback about the course below in the comments section, whether positive or negative. Your feedback really helps me improve the course further. However, when providing negative feedback, please do so constructively because your feedbacks will be visible publicly on this website. Please don’t use any indecent words or phrases. For example, when providing a negative feedback, you can simply say, “I will not recommend this course to anyone. Its a waste of time” instead of saying “This dumbass course wasted my time. You assholes.”

Also, if providing negative feedback, please don’t just say that you didn’t like the course, instead please try to be more specific and thorough on what exactly you didn’t like about this course. For example, you didn’t like the slow pace of the course, or the information provided in the course is not reliable and unscientific, or you didn’t like the unhelping community, or you were irritated by the too much promotion of paid products/services despite the mention of “FREE” course. For example, when providing negative feedback, instead of saying “I will not recommend this course to anyone. Its a waste of time”, you can say, “I didn’t find the course much of help, the content is very basic, and really for beginners. Also, there are too many product promotions in the course that aren’t of any use but are distracting and irritating. I don’t recommend this course to anyone.”

When leaving positive feedback, you can still mention any areas of improvements. For example, you can say something like, “This course is great! I lost 30 pounds in last 3 months! The course really helped me stay focused and engaged with my weight loss course. I also asked one of my friends to try it out. Definitely recommended to everyone. However, the course promotes too much of paid products/services. It might be better if the promotions are reduced. They are quite distracting and irritating.”

Feedback on Purchases, Refunds and Disputes

If you have complaints about any purchases, or if you like to request refunds on any of the purchases, you can do so by requesting the sellers directly. However, please also leave your feedbacks about the products that you didn’t like or didn’t find helpful. It will help me improve the course. All the products promoted inside the course are tested by me and my students first before I add them in the course. And I add them in the course only if I really think that the particular product will really help my students. But I want to be double sure that I am not adding any wrong products that my students don’t want or need. I can be sure only by knowing your feedbacks.

Also, some sellers start slacking over a period of time and their integrity level and business ethics deteriorates. In this case, usually they just need a warning or reminder from their promoter (promoter like me), because they know that if their promoters stops promoting their product, their business will fall steeply. And if the seller still doesn’t come back on track, then the promoter finds another better product or seller for himself. I take similar actions against sellers as well who follow unethical practices or those who hurt my students’ interests. So, leaving a feedback about your bad experience will help you greatly as I will be able to take appropriate actions.

Similarly, if you purchase a product and you find it helpful, please do leave a feedback mentioning which product you purchased and how it helped you, so that I will know that I made a correct decision in adding that product in the course.

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