Prospective Student

If you are looking to enroll in the course but have a few questions before enrolling, you can ask those questions right after enrolling. Don’t worry, the enrollment is absolutely FREE and has no catches. Once you enroll, you will receive an email containing all the directions on how to start asking questions related to the course or regarding anything else, as well as one-on-one Q&A consultation. Asking me questions after you enroll will be easier for both me and you. You can enroll in the course by clicking the yellow button below.

Current Student

If you are already enrolled in the course, but cannot understand where to ask questions (may be because you missed the first email or lost the instructions) or if you are facing any glitches or technical issues or any other confusions, you can contact me on the email address provided below. Please add accurate details and subject when sending the email. Just contact me, and I will be happy to reply back.

Non-Student, Business Inquiry, Press Inquiry, Collaboration

If you are not looking to enroll but have any other purpose or intentions, please use the below form to contact me with accurate details and subject (you can add subject in the Message body itself), and I will be happy to reply you back. If you have any attachments to share, you can upload the attachments on Google Drive or Dropbox and share the public link in the Message body so that I can check the attachment.

Student Feedbacks

Any positive or negative feedbacks are welcome and highly appreciated. Feedbacks help me improve the course for my students. If you want to keep the feedback anonymous, not a problem, you can just enter a fake email/name when submitting the feedback. But if you do enter correct email, you will know that I have received and acknowledged your feedback when I reply your msg back. Do enter an appropriate subject in the Message body when submitting a feedback using the form below.


You can submit your positive or negative feedback on the Testimonials page so that future prospective students can make informed decision for themselves when deciding to choose whether to put their time on this course.

Purchases, Refunds and Disputes

For refund requests, you will have to contact the seller directly. However, if the seller doesn’t treat you right, you can leave a review about him on the Testimonials page (and/or email me – email address provided below on this page) and I will take action against him, either by giving him a warning, or by removing his product from my course. I add only good products in my course that I know will help my students a lot, and I add them only after testing the product myself, but some sellers over a period of time start slacking and stop handling refund requests properly. In such cases, most of the time, they just need a reminder or warning from their promoters (promoters like me) to get back on track because they know that their business will fall steeply if promoters are not on their side. If they don’t get back on track still, then promoters stop promoting their products and find better sellers and/or products for their community. I do the same thing with my sellers. I take similar actions against them if they stop following ethical practices or if they start harming my students’ interests.

Complaints, Law Violations, Copyright Issues

If you have any complaints about my website or content, or if you think I am violating any laws, or regarding any copyright issues, please contact me using the below contact form, adding a subject line “URGENT” inside the Message body, and I will respond or take actions to fix the issues immediately. If you have any attachments to share, you can upload the attachments on Google Drive or Dropbox and share the public link in the Message body so that I can check the attachment.

No Spammers Please!

My time is precious and dedicated to students who need me to solve their real problems. Please don’t waste my time trying to socialize with me unnecessarily, and please don’t spam me with unrelevant emails, I delete such msgs and mark them spam.

My Response Time

I usually reply within 24-72 hours.

My Email

I prefer that you use the below form to reach me out instead of this above email address. The contact form below is a more robust way to ensure contact with me. Use the above email only if absolutely necessary.

My Whatsapp


I am available on Whatsapp almost any time of the day unless I am sleeping or eating. I respond on Whatsapp almost immediately or at least quicker than any other medium.

Contact Form Protocol

Subject: Add an appropriate subject as the first line in the message body. If you are contacting about any complaints, law violations or copyright issues, add a subject “Subject: URGENT” as the first line of the Message body.

Attachment: Upload the files on your Google Drive or Dropbox, fetch the shareable link, ensure to make the link Public, and add that link at end of the Message body.

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