Shishil Kumar, aka allenross356, is a coach and expert in fitness, weight loss, nutrition, physiotherapy and psychology. He has spent years in teaching others to shape up their body and mind while keeping it easy and healthy. Even in places with practical limitations such as too much food adulteration or air pollution, Shishil has helped people improve their health and lifestyle.

After dropping out from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from Nuclear Engineering in his 3rd year, Shishil realized that he wanted to become a personal development trainer to help people tune in with their minds and body. Since then he has been quite prolific in producing programs and techniques for people to solve their various problems related to habits and fitness. Apart from that, he is also running his firm as a technological consultant.

Shishil enjoys his time reading emails from his students and advising them solutions to their problems. When he is not doing that, he is usually enjoying running, Yoga, meditation, computer programming, writing and experimenting. He hopes to make his existence worthwhile for his students.

Shishil has recently created a very useful program for his students. The best part is that he is making this program available to his students for FREE. This program has a lot of useful material and facilities that students, who are struggling through their weight loss battle, can use to make things easier for themselves. Throughout this course, students learn a lot of useful information, stay motivated and productive, can ask as many questions as they want, and even talk and mingle with other students. There are some upsells and promotions in the course that only make the students’ lives even more easier and are worthwhile to purchase, but even if the students don’t need them or cannot afford them, they will still have access to FREE one-on-one Q&A consultation as well as a wealth of FREE information and step-by-step material which makes this course absolutely precious. It DOES NOT require any credit cards either. Anyone can enroll in this course by clicking the below button.