Reduce Insulin Levels to Burn Fat and Reverse Diabetes – By Dr Eric Berg

In the below video, Dr. Eric Berg teaches about the important ingredient to reducing weight:

In the above video, Dr. Eric Berg mentions about the condition called Insulin Resistance. But he doesn’t go in too much detail on how to reverse it or what diet to follow in order to cure it. So I found another video in which a guy does a great job in sharing a lot of useful information on diet to reverse insulin resistance in a seminar where he talks mostly about Diabetes.

Here is another doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, who throws some motivational light on the subject of Diabetes. Watch the video below.

Also, I have created a FREE course that helps my students to consistently reduce their weight slowly but steadily while staying healthy. The course uses a strategy to keep you motivated without overwhelming you with too much information at once. It provides daily short instructions and knowledge to keep the student’s pace steady. By enrolling in the course, the student can also ask questions or FREE Q&A consultation to troubleshoot himself appropriately for specific problems he is facing. You can enroll too by clicking the button below.

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