Binaural Beats Frequency for High Metabolism and Weight Loss

This guy in the video below explains quite well how Binaural beats work. Play this video to understand.

Play this audio below with headphones on. The Binaural beats are effective only with headphones/earphones and not with speakers, because the purpose is to hear different beats in different ears.

I read a lot about Binaural beats being scientifically proven to induce specific mental states in a person. So I decided give a test try on my students. And interestingly enough, I did find enough evidence that some specific Binaural beats do work. So I decided to try to find if Binaural beats can help with weight loss. After a few weeks of multiple tests on my students, it was a pleasant surprise to find that it does work if done correctly! But it also depends on certain other factors, such as sleep routine, eating habits, exercising, etc. But if you are following a healthy lifestyle already and controlling all other factors that influence your weight, then specific types of Binaural beats WILL definitely act as a catalyst to increase your body metabolism, thus, reducing the weight or increasing hunger.

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