Check out how this girl lost 60 pounds

Play the video below to see her inspiring journey:

And here is another video in which she explains further what exactly she eats in a day:

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Study says: Exercise doesn’t really help much with weight loss

This video below discusses the details:

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Reduce Insulin Levels to Burn Fat and Reverse Diabetes – By Dr Eric Berg

In the below video, Dr. Eric Berg teaches about the important ingredient to reducing weight:

In the above video, Dr. Eric Berg mentions about the condition called Insulin Resistance. But he doesn’t go in too much detail on how to reverse it or what diet to follow in order to cure it. So I found another video in which a guy does a great job in sharing a lot of useful information on diet to reverse insulin resistance in a seminar where he talks mostly about Diabetes.

Here is another doctor, Dr. Jason Fung, who throws some motivational light on the subject of Diabetes. Watch the video below.

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Longevity and Why to Eat 1 Meal a Day

Below is a video that discusses why eating once a day is healthy. Watch it, and I hope you will take a lot of value from it.

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15 crazy benefits of avoiding sugar for a week

Play the below video to know what happens if you stop eating sugar for a week.

Notice the number 3 talks about how eating sugar affects your weight negatively. Stop feeding sugar to your body. Its an extremely healthy practice.

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How to Lose 10 Kgs in 2 weeks with Boiled Eggs Diet!

This video below explains how:

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10 Reasons Why Asians Usually Don’t Get Fat

Watch the below hilarious video that discusses some probable reasons why Asians don’t usually get fat.

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10 Weight Loss Hacks that Work Fast

Play this video below to learn about them:

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11 Ways to Motivate yourself to Lose Weight

Watch this video below to learn the 11 simple ways to stay motivated with your weight loss goals:

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Binaural Beats Frequency for High Metabolism and Weight Loss

This guy in the video below explains quite well how Binaural beats work. Play this video to understand.

Play this audio below with headphones on. The Binaural beats are effective only with headphones/earphones and not with speakers, because the purpose is to hear different beats in different ears.

I read a lot about Binaural beats being scientifically proven to induce specific mental states in a person. So I decided give a test try on my students. And interestingly enough, I did find enough evidence that some specific Binaural beats do work. So I decided to try to find if Binaural beats can help with weight loss. After a few weeks of multiple tests on my students, it was a pleasant surprise to find that it does work if done correctly! But it also depends on certain other factors, such as sleep routine, eating habits, exercising, etc. But if you are following a healthy lifestyle already and controlling all other factors that influence your weight, then specific types of Binaural beats WILL definitely act as a catalyst to increase your body metabolism, thus, reducing the weight or increasing hunger.

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